1 year from now…

My One-Year Career and Life Goals

In this blog post, I want to share my short-term goals for the upcoming year, which revolve around my career, job prospects, industry preferences, and where I plan to live. Let’s dive right into it.

Financial Stability and Living Situation

First and foremost, my primary goal for the next year is to achieve a level of financial stability that alleviates the stress I’ve experienced in the past. Fortunately, I’ll still be sharing an apartment in Pierrefonds with my brother. Montreal is where I’ve chosen to continue residing, primarily because it offers a plethora of exciting opportunities for my freelance endeavors.

Career Focus

My professional journey will continue to be centered around graphic design contracts and hosting professional events. Graphic design has been a passion of mine for some time, and I find great fulfillment in helping clients bring their visions to life through visual storytelling. Additionally, hosting events allows me to tap into my natural flair for communication and organization, making it another avenue where I excel.

While graphic design will remain a core focus, I anticipate reducing my involvement in web design. It’s not as personally fulfilling for me, and I’d rather concentrate my efforts on areas where my passion truly thrives.

Balancing Act

To supplement my income and ensure financial security, I plan to maintain a part-time job on the side. This additional income will provide a safety net while I continue building my freelance business.

Educational Milestone

Education is a crucial part of my journey, and in one year’s time, I hope to celebrate my graduation from the Graphic & Web Design program at John Abbott. This milestone will not only signify my commitment to honing my skills but also open up new possibilities in the competitive world of design.

Adventure Awaits

Finally, one of my most cherished goals for the coming year is to embark on a European adventure with my brother and some close friends. Exploring the rich cultures, histories, and landscapes of Europe has always been a dream, and I hope to make it a reality in the near future.

In summary, my goals for the next year are a blend of personal and professional aspirations. I aim to achieve financial stability, continue pursuing my passion for graphic design and event hosting, graduate from my program, and embark on an exciting European journey. With determination and hard work, I’m confident that these goals are within reach, and I’m excited to see where the next year takes me on this rewarding journey of life and career growth.


10 years from now..

A Glimpse into My 10-Year Goals and Aspirations

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my aspirations for where I see myself in the next decade. Life is an ever-evolving journey, and I have exciting plans and dreams for the future.

Exploration and Family Bonds

First and foremost, I envision a future filled with travel adventures alongside my brother and dear friends. Exploring new horizons, experiencing diverse cultures, and creating lasting memories is a top priority. Whether it’s the charming landscapes of Canada or the captivating shores of Croatia, home will be wherever our hearts find contentment.

Home Sweet Home

In 10 years, I see myself residing in a spacious house, a welcoming haven for family and friends. The location might still be undecided, but what’s certain is that my brother will remain a cherished part of my life. A potential husband would need to embrace this arrangement, as family bonds are non-negotiable for me.

Career and Passion

My career will continue to revolve around my passions – hosting events and graphic design. These endeavors provide me with immense satisfaction, allowing me to blend creativity with communication. I anticipate that I’ll still be deeply involved in these fields, organizing memorable events and crafting compelling visual stories for clients.

Family Expansion

In the next decade, I hope to have expanded my family. Marriage and parenthood are on the horizon, though the exact number of children remains uncertain. What’s clear is my desire for a partner who shares our home with my brother and me, symbolizing the importance of unity and compatibility in my life.

Family Adventures

Travel will not be limited to just friends; I aspire to explore the world with my future children. Exposing them to diverse cultures and experiences will be a fundamental part of their upbringing, fostering open-mindedness and a love for adventure.

Financial Stability and Entrepreneurship

A key goal in the next 10 years is to achieve financial stability. I aim to reach a point where financial worries are a distant memory, where I can buy groceries without glancing at price tags. If fortune smiles upon me, I’m open to the idea of venturing into entrepreneurship, perhaps opening a bakery with friends. Baking, a beloved hobby, could transform into a delightful group project.

Happiness and Health

Ultimately, my greatest aspiration is for happiness and a healthy family. Beyond all the tangible goals and dreams, it’s the joy of life’s simple moments and the well-being of those I love that matter most.

In summary, my 10-year vision is a blend of adventure, family, career, and financial stability. It’s a life where love, unity, and passion intersect, creating a fulfilling and contented existence. While the specifics may evolve, my commitment to these values will remain unwavering, guiding me towards a future filled with happiness and cherished memories.