Hi, I am Melissa, a soon-to-be recent graduate from GWD at Jac.

Life has taught me a lot from a young age. School was never something that came easily for me, but when I found graphic and web design, it allowed me to express my fun and creative personality.

I am a fun-loving person. For many things, food is usually number one, followed by animals like my adorable cat, called Gargamale. I love movies and all types of celebrations, especially Halloween.

My brother and I live together and have supported each other throughout school. I haven’t had a weekend off in years, as I work at the local hospital in the kitchen. It is hard, laborious work and has taught me the importance of education.

One day, I want to own my own house with a stable income and a vacation or two a year. My goals are simple: a nice home, stable income, and a vacation a few times a year. I love my brother very much, who has always been there for me, and I hope I can repay him for all the love and support he has shown me throughout the years.